The Calm Before the Storm: A conversation with Mississippi lyricist Yung Jewelz

Born Jewelee Wilson, Yung Jewelz sits amongst the disciples responsible for restoring faith back into Mississippi’s Hip Hop scene. It’s no secret that I am one that saturates herself in all things Jackson. I witnessed The Paid Hipster perform live on October 6, 2017 at the Mississippi Greek Weekend street festival. Prior to the October performance, I’d listened to a few snippets of her music here and there. Intrigued and curious to know more about this mellow yet vicious lyricist, there was no way I could miss this performance. Being the calculated Cancer that I am, I had a game plan to catch the performance and scurry for the exit once my soul had been fed. Jewelz was not the first performer therefore, I was forced to examine the scene. The set up was culturally fervent. Laced with conscious t-shirts and paraphernalia, health focused booths, food and even a Jack Daniels pop up bar. The set up was amazing, but after a 10 hour work day and a 9am bride to tend to, I knew that this indulgence would be brief.  I was also introduced to another amazing artist from Jackson, Krystal Gem. After multiple yawns and a great deal of anticipation, Yung Jewelz finally graced the stage. Needless to say, I was not disappointed. Jewelz changed the vibe of the entire scene. Those that were sitting gathered around the stage and those with folded arms began to clap and catch on to the hook. From the undeniable charm and whit of her lyrics to the priceless level of crowd control displayed, Yung Jewelz is not a storm to be taken lightly. I would definitely suggest you prepare. Check out my latest chat with Yung Jewelz below:


Who is Yung Jewels?

Yung Jewelz is the daughter of Gillian and Joseph. A sister , a aunt , a friend , a artist. I’m a musician with a love for story telling. I paint pictures with words and i enjoy being me. I like to think I’m smooth but still raw when it comes to my sound. I’m a woman but I’m not always soft, I’m a hipster with an attitude.

What sparked your love for music? When did you know that this was what you were called to do?

Truth be told my love for music started from banging on pots and pans. I started rapping in elementary school and it grew from there. I always knew I wanted to do something with music but it wasn’t until 2011 when I started to act on it.

Who do you credit as some of your biggest influences, musically and personally?

Missy Elliot from top to bottom . Style wise Missy helped me embrace and appreciate the artist in me. I am lyrically influenced by so many but to name a few in no particular order it would be MC Lyte, Queen Latifah ,Da Brat, J.Cole, Big K.R.I.T, OutKast, and Don Trip. Personally I would have to say my mom and grandmother, they taught me everything I know.

I would describe your music as real, with a care-free, “just live life” like undertone. Why is important for you to do your own thing vs conforming to what’s popular?

I like that description because honestly that’s what it is , it’s real because it’s me and I really try to just live life and love. It’s important for me to reflect that in my music and do my own thing because it’s all I know and i have to be true to myself. I can’t become an influence talking about something I don’t feel in my soul.

  Tell me something about Yung Jewelz that the world needs to know.

The world needs to know Yung Jewelz is just getting started. I’m growing and becoming my favorite artist more and more each day.

Who is your spirit animal?

A Tiger. The tiger puts a special emphasis on raw feelings and emotions. It symbolizes primal instincts, unpredictability, and ability to trust myself.

Why do you think it’s harder for Mississippi artist to break through to the mainstream?

I think it’s harder because we don’t support home. So those around us don’t feel the need to support and push for the artist to get the attention to become mainstream. Honestly ii think It’s a discouraging factor to some.

What’s your favorite album(s) of all time?

My favorite albums of all time would be Outksast – Aquemini , J.Cole – Cole World: TSS, 2 Chainz – Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, Da Brat – Funkdafied , Dolla Black – Let Me Work, Lauryn Hill – The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.

 If you could lend any advice to this generation, what would it be?

Stay true to yourself. It’s okay to be different , think outside the box and gain happiness in whatever you do.

   Are there any new projects or music that you would like to share?

New music and a new project is floating around but it’s not ready to be released just yet. My last project is still growing.



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