Did I ask for your help?

I lay here at midnight pondering on both the moments of growth and standstill in my life. The mindset of outdoing others should not outweigh your desire to perfect your skill or craft. So many people rest easily on “good”, or become extremely comfortable with hints of success that they no longer are able to find the desire to continue to renovate and elevate themselves. Once arrogance arrives, pride is sure to follow. A person that is prideful automatically inherits limitations on their life. When you reach a place where you feel constructive criticism is really not for people like you. This is more than likely a sign to slow down and regroup. You’re only human and no matter how amazingly or multi talented you may be, you still never know what tomorrow may bring. In the infamous words of Brother Kendrick, Be Humble.  It’s always okay to find validity in a person’s call outs about you. I’m the quickest to identify shade and hand out a “at least you tried” gift to the sender, but I’m also the first to self check and admit to my short comings. Nobody wants to be the kid with the odor, but truthfully you take part in this character when you feel immune to constructive criticism. You limit your opportunities to work in new genres ( Because there will always be room from improvement in unfamiliar realms) and you make it hard for your Colleagues/ employees to communicate with you without there being tension. Let’s face it, nobody wants to be paired with the “Know it All”. There’s always room to grow for those who aspire next-level success. I challenge you to become more receptive to feedback and all criticism that is constructive. How has constructive criticism1-no-thank-you helped you?


One thought on “Did I ask for your help?

  1. Constructive criticism should always be welcomed. If you cznt welcome.it, then your showing that you are immature and Not ready to go to the next level in any area of your life. Constructive criticism has helped me reflect on me & what I thought I had down, it keeps you humble and gives me drive to get to that next level. I need to know what I need to perfect and thats what Constructive Criticism should do.


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