Cocktail Hour: Bottle of Blaque Chocolate

I caught first mentions of Bottle of Blaque Chocolate in a Bottle from an episode of Love and Marriage Huntsville. Honestly, it sounded sweet as hell, but I was definitely intrigued. A few weeks ago as I traveled back to Mississippi, I stopped by Blaque Cigar Lounge in Huntsville, AL. It was a quick drop-in earlier in the evening, so I didn’t get the full Blaque experience to share with you. What I can say is that the aesthetic and ambiance are worth me circling back whenever I’m in the area. Fast forward a few weeks, on a chill Fall-like Sunday I finally pop opened the bottle.

The Experience.

Chocolate in a Bottle was sold to me at $40. The packaging absolutely adds to the experience of the drink. I love the fact that it was housed in a chic matte black box. With black and gold trimming, the packaging set the tone of luxury for me. The unboxing amped up the anticipation of the taste test. Blaque describes this wine as “You will get a taste of a French Sparkling Chardonnay with subtle undertones of Belgium Chocolate in every glass.” The first taste embodied just that.

This champagne was crisp, delicious and slightly decedent from start to finish. With the initial sip, I was greeted by notes of sparkle. The notes of sparkle were immediately followed by luscious notes of chocolate. Smooth, expensive chocolate. The balance between the sparkle and chocolate are perfection. The champagne’s fullness is still very present. This drink is not overwhelmed by the flavor of chocolate. I’ve never tasted a champagne of this kind…BUT! If I had to compare it to anything, I would describe it as Belaire Luxe Brut and Ghiradelli’s handsome love child.

The champagne is wonderful to drink alone, but of course my curiosity got the best of me and I had to whip something up. I added a drop of strawberry liqueur and chileee! Succulent is not the word! It instantly gave your girl a dozen of freshly dipped chocolate covered strawberries. This was my first bottle of Blaque Chocolate in a Bottle, but it will not be my last. I encourage you to treat your taste buds by supporting this Black-Owned business. You can conveniently order yours today at If you’ve checked out this champagne or Blaque Cigar Lounge please share your experience and suggestions below!


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