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We’re gonna start this out pretty Frank. I absolutely let out a sigh and giggle when I learned of FXRXPLXY Candles. Not because I thought that they’d be anything less than amazing. Simply because it wouldn’t be Deunta “Luck” Butler if he didn’t find some way to flirt with the ladies. *palms face* With names like Peony Punani and Mimosas Made Me, I was rightfully intrigued.

I am a self-proclaimed candle ENTHUSIAST! So I ordered a couple of the scents to test the waters.

My candles arrived swiftly. They were packaged tastefully and neat. As a branding professional, my eye to detail is always in overdrive. From the ordering process to my package being received, it was a smooth transaction.


The candles:

Peony Punani

A lover of fruity florals, my senses were pleased at the first whiff of Peony Punani. This scent is light, airy and amorous. This candle found a new home at the base of my vanity. In a month’s time, this has become a feel-good scent to burn during my skincare routine.



Chileee, no lie… I had to move this candle to a more secluded place of my home. I did not even want to begin explaining the “F%@! Me” label to my family! Once I located a private sanctuary for this scent, I was instantly in love. This scent is also a romantic floral with an alluring undertone. This is my favorite scent from FXRXPLXY. The scent is simply sexy. A bedroom must-have! This is actually the perfect addition to add to your next bridal shower gift.

Overall, FXRXPLXY is worth every cent. These candles burn fairly slow ( a great thing) and the scents last until you’ve reached the bottom. I appreciate the fact that this company also provides tips on how to get the most from your burn. The packaging is sweet! I love the tinted colors of the jars, as well as the sleek font on the labels. Lastly, these candles do not bother my allergies! Sadly, some of my favorite candles and fragrances trigger the living hell out of my allergies. FXRXPLXY’s candles have been burned frequently throughout my home with no issues at all. I highly recommend this brand. Great candles and great service. This experience was a win for me. Check out for more details on these amazing candles.

No description available.

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