Artist Spotlight: Lovely Mesha

It was the eve of my birthday. As my sister and I were enjoying libations on the balcony of our Airbnb, my old man yelled “Neee come see this! ” After the third call I get up, curious as to why this can’t wait. He was anxious to show me the Women’s Dominated Cypher (link here: ). He said “You gone like this girl, Ne! ” From the way that BunzB smoked the intro down to how Gemini Chachi dunked it and brought it on home. I was amazed. These women were tough. Somewhere along the ride, we meet a sweet melodic beast by the name of Lovely Mesha. When I heard Mesha’s verse I got instant chills. “She’s a fkn star!” I said, as I repeatedly recapped her verse. It’s a no brainer that I had to catch up with the Toledo native. Check out my chat with Lovely Mesha below: 

 (Q). Where did the music start for you?

(A). When I was a Kid around 7….I would always sing and make up songs with my Friends. It was the only thing that kept me out of trouble.. I lived in a tough environment and Music brought me through that … Music saved me.

(Q). When did you know that you had a gift?

(A). Truthfully, not until now. A lot of the times I would sing at home as a Kid…. It would bother others because of how loud I would sing. I would just keep to myself.  Even when I recorded my first single it really didn’t get much recognition. So, I always thought that I was an average singer until The Cypher. Now people are telling me that I could be Iconic. That really blew me away! 

(Q). I discovered you from the Women’s Dominated Cypher. Mind blowing to see that much talent from underground artists in 2021. How did you learn that you were wanted for this project?

(A). Well, I asked the person about the project who put it together .. Mind you, people don’t really mess with me in the city so I thought that she was going to say no… Or that my music was trash. She told me to send her music. She responded 5 days later. I guess another girl was supposed to be on it and it didn’t fall through. She text me back and was like okay you’re on …. I just knew it was my time.

(Q). Your sound is very eccentric and refreshing. Who are some of your primary influences?

(A). 2pac , Biggie, Queen Latifah, Lil Kim, Foxy, Adele, Christina Aguilera, Missy and Nicki Minaj 

(Q). What artist would unlock your dream collaboration?

(A). Definitely, Adele I would pass out LOL

(Q). Who are you listening to right now?

(A). lil baby , Adele , Myself, People in my city and whatever is playing on the radio. 

(Q). Outside of your craft, how do you enjoy spending your time?

(A). If it’s not about music I don’t enjoy it. Besides meditation and talking to my family, it’s Music 24/7. I truly enjoy it. Plus it makes others feel good so, why not ?

(Q). Who is your Spirit Animal?

(A). An Owl. I always see them on billboards, ads, on clothing, the word etc. I looked it up and read that it’s my Spirit animal.

(Q). Are there any current or upcoming projects that we should be on the lookout for?

(A). Yes! I have a Mixtape coming soon with TONS of unheard songs and Collaborations with Hood Barbie, BunzB and Renegade Raven… some of the ladies from the Cypher. It’s coming soon … Thanks for the support, it means the world.


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