Style Maven: Jia Lafrance

Pictured: Jia Lafrance

When it comes to Jia Lafrance, it’s not just the fashion…. It’s the je ne sais quoi. Jia’s upbeat street style has created a cult-like following of her online boutique Check out my latest conversation with Jia below:

(Q). Where did the vision of Jia LaFrance Boutique begin?

(A). Jia LaFrance Boutique became an idea in the FALL of 2014. I’ve always had my own unique style and I wanted a way to share that with the world.  Unfortunately, I allowed fear and doubt to discourage me from starting the business over and over again. I moved to Ohio from MS in February of 2019 and I had no idea what I was doing there or where my life was headed after making such a drastic change. Once I finally got settled, I suddenly had this burst of courage to go after everything I’ve ever wanted to do.  And from there, Jia LaFrance the brand was born! Fun fact: Jia LaFrance is my first and middle name. 🙂

(Q). What is the essence of your brand?

(A). The essence of my brand is the freedom of expression through fashion.

(Q). As an entrepreneur your creativity is a major key in keeping your business flowing. How do you stay inspired?

(A). I stay inspired by unplugging from the internet world when necessary and being more present in my world. Traveling, reading, rewatching my favorites shows/movies, and listening to music allows my mind to wonder creatively.

(Q). Did the world slowing down have a positive impact on your business in any way?

(A). The world slowing down impacted my business in such a positive way. My business never missed a beat. The demand for products were through the roof, I had some major moments take place, and I checked off every goal on my 2020 list.

Mother’s Day Campaign 2021

(Q). How would you define your sense of style?

(A). I would describe my sense of style as “daring”. 

(Q). What are some must-have staple pieces for you?

(A). My must have staple pieces would be a black biker jacket, a good distressed pair of boyfriend jeans, a thigh high black boot, a bomb graphic tee, and of course a good fitted cap. Caps can give the girliest looks a tom boy chic twist and I love that!

(Q). What are you anticipating most from fashion this fall?

(A). I’m looking forward to new boot styles this fall.

Actress Garcelle Beauvais on the cover of Impact Magazine in the Pose Vol. II earrings from the Jia LaFrance SPRING 2020 archives. 

(Q). Let’s talk media looks and street style. From music to fashion, who is best dressed on your list?

(A). Best Dressed goes to Rihanna, hands down. Nobody does it like thee bad gal!

(Q). Who’s at the top of Jia’s playlist?

(A). Ari Lennox, Tanerélle, Lil Baby, Rihanna, Drake, Giveon, Lana Del Ray, Sabrina Claudio, and the list goes on…

(Q). If I give you a ticket to anywhere in the world tomorrow, where are you going?

(A). Italy

(Q). Who/what is your spirit animal?

(A). My spirit animal would be the butterfly

(Q). Do you have any upcoming projects or events?

(A). Yes! The Jia LaFrance RELAUNCH was Friday, August 6th at 10 AM CST. I enjoyed my summer break but I am definitely ready to get back to work!

Slay into Spring 2020


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