Two Brands That ACTUALLY Work For My Sensitive Skin

Problematic skin does not discriminate at all. It unbiasedly effects people of all complexions and textures. If I had to choose the top 2 that the women that I encounter face, it would include: Acne and Eczema. If we were to choose a runner up, it would definitely be the after aftermath of acne, “Dark spots” also known as,  hyperpigmentation. This may technically be the aftermath, but it is by far one of the most challenging skin issues that people face. This is especially prevalent amongst people of color. Needless to say that being a Black woman with UBER sensitive skin, I have conquered my fair share of hyperpigmentation and it’s woes. Below I will share with you a couple of the Brands and products that have granted real results for my skin without further irritating my sensitivities. Let’s check them out…

**Note: If you suffer from SERVERE acne, please check with your dermatologist before testing these products.

Ancient Cosmetics

If I can be honest, I was sold at Black family-owned business. It was a random night that I was scrolling Instagram and ran across one of their ads for “Even Skin”. I immediately began researching the brand. I loved how attentive they were to questions asked and the reviews seemed legit. I said “Why not?”. I ordered THAT night and waited at the DOE for my package. My first order consisted of only the Even Skin Hyper-Pigmentation cream Tumeric + Lemon Essential Oil. Within the first week I could see a difference in my skin! On the second week, I was having lunch with my boyfriend and he was gazing at me oddly. So of course I’m like “Uhhh..what dude?” He was like mannn your skin is really glowing today! Did you do something to it? When the man that tells me that I’m gorgeous with crust in my eyes noticed a major difference, I knew that we had a winner! Since my initial purchase, I’ve ordered all of the products containing Tumeric including the face wash and scrub. The Even Skin cream is still my favorite face cream of all time! I keep it in constant rotation. I never allow myself to get too low on it. The formula is so amazing! It’s a thick solid cream that melts almost instantly when it comes in contact with the heat of your hands. A little goes a long way. One jar can last up to 3 months for me. I’m a bit heavy handed on favs so you may be able to stretch this product even further. Above anything else that you will read about in this article, THIS IS MY NUMBER #1 RECOMMENDATION. This vegan brand is perfect for sensitive skin. They have a solution for every skincare dilemma. Start your Ancient journey here :


Mario Badescu

Although Mario Badescu sits amongst the throne of Luxury, their approach is still simple and relatable. Mario Badescu offers a large assortment of products ranging from those focused on acne to potent anti-aging skincare. I have tried a number of products from this line and I have honestly loved each one. The Glycolic Foaming cleanser was pretty great. I feel like it gave my skin a visibly refreshing look during the duration of its use. However,  the Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater? AKA Thee Rosewater? I live by it. I use it daily. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a full face or going completely bare. This spray has a place in your daily skincare regimen. For those bare days when you’re just loving on your skin and allowing it to breathe, this spray adds a little extra glow to your skin’s appearance. It hydrates and refreshes the skin. I often spray it on multiple times throughout the day. This multifaceted jewel does more than just give your skin a glow. It also acts as an amazing setting spray. Now, this isn’t a claim that the company promotes, but from years of experience I can confirm that it works FOR ME. Outside of testing products, this is the only product that I consistently use to set my makeup. It gives the makeup what I like to call a “dewy matte” finish. It helps to settle my makeup onto my skin in the most natural looking way. I use this spray with the most high-end of foundations as well as my drugstore favorites. It’s fool proof! Mario Badescu’s products can be found at almost any major beauty retailer and of course at their homesite:


I hope that at least one of these amazing brands caught your attention. Be sure to check out their websites and try somethings out if so. Have you tried either of these brands before? I need to hear from you. Also, if you deal with sensitive skin, what are some products that have worked well for you?

As Always, Thank you for reading! -Ne


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