Boss Talk: Josie Bee Shares Inspiration and Natural Hair Care Tips

Since Josie Bee’s natural hair journey began in 2013, she has consistently sown fruits back into the natural community. During cosmetology school, she fell in love with the science of hair care, and used that same knowledge to master naturally textured hair. Originally from Jackson, MS, Josie created much natural hair awareness, being one of the only natural hairstylists in the area. She has led many seminars and classes around Mississippi, therefore earning lots of love and trust from the community.  Her goal is for everyone to know the TRUTH about their tresses, and not be misled and discouraged by the myths and mis-education in the natural hair industry.

What was that defining moment for you? When did you know that you wanted to build a career in cosmetology?

I graduated from Jackson State University in 2013 with my Bachelor’s Degree with a major in Computer Technology. It was definitely an accomplishment but not one that brought joy to where it mattered—my soul. I took a break from school to really see who I was outside of academic accomplishments. Contrary to what I actually wanted, I began grad school shortly thereafter at the pressure of my parents. This was the moment that I became the seed buried in the soil—the dark—only to sprout out a little leaf; the start of something bigger. At that point I realized I was in control of my life. I quit grad school, I literally hated every moment of it! The next week I enrolled in a cosmetology program. That whole experience opened me up to the endless possibilities, interests, and talents that I never knew I had. I always knew I was a creator, but not at the capacity at which I soon realized.

As a natural, I can attest to the struggle of finding a solid hair stylist that specializes in natural hair. Some stylist even tax us little fees for simply maintaining our natural textures. What inspired you to truly cater to natural locks?

I often find it funny yet outrageous when I hear women are being abused this way with extra fees and lack of compassion when it comes to their hair. Natural hair just comes so natural (no pun intended lol) to me! In school I fell in love with the science and theory of hair. I was the book student. I was always somewhere reading and learning about something. As a new natural myself at the time, I was able to apply what I was learning and researching in school to create my own methodologies and practices for natural hair care. I used these techniques to grow, maintain, and master my own hair and then began to teach my clients how to do the same. I loved the idea that I was able to translate something so seemingly complicated into easy, understandable information that would help hundreds of women return to their natural, divine selves.


In addition to your work and dedication to natural hair, you’ve created a service for beard revitalization. What advice would you give to an inspiring stylist that’s looking to set themselves apart?

I would definitely say one, don’t question yourself. Often times the most seemingly simple ideas that come to us are the ones that will effortlessly blossom into greatness. There’s a box and the best place to be is outside of it. When you truly have a passion for something, you will automatically become an advocate for it, wanting everyone to benefit who can. You then begin creating solutions. And we know that when you can solve people’s problems, you have a business. And if you do it well enough, you create an empire.  Do what you do with PASSION, and that will draw everyone to you who needs you.

Could you bless us naturals with your top 3 points of hair care advice?

  1. Acceptance is essential to a happy relationship with your hair. Once you embrace and love what’s God given, the process becomes much easier, as you will be more gentle with yourself and receptive to what it takes to master your hair.
  2. Moisture is key. Natural hair thrives on moisture. Once you learn what moisturized hair looks like for you, you will notice the advancements your hair makes.
  3. Ask questions. A lot of mis-education in the natural hair world comes from lack of thorough thinking and understanding. If there is something you don’t understand, ask a trusted professional and stick to their recommendations. A lot of the practices can be broken down through basic knowledge and common sense. Do NOT be fooled by the gimmicks. Science never lies. Theory over everything!


Who is Josie’s Spirit animal?

My spirit animal would be a snake. A lot of people have an evil or negative association with snakes but in actuality, snakes represent personal growth and transformation. Snakes shed their skin as they grow—releasing old molds that don’t serve them. This is what my life has heavily represented and even still, I am constantly becoming in tune with who I am, and releasing the parts that don’t support my highest good.

Are there any projects or events that we should be on the lookout for from you?

Teaching is my passion. Definitely be on the lookout for more educational content and material.

How can we stay connected with you? 


Instagram: @josiebeeofficial

Facebook: Naturally Chic by Josie Bee



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