MOB Talk: A Q&A session with the Honorable DJ M.O.B

For nearly two decades DJ M.O.B has been serving the airwaves with flavor and soul. DJ M.O.B credits his formal education from the eminent Jackson State University for his “deeper” appreciation and respect for music. M.O.B identifies his unique ability to mix and blend melodies as a pre-game method to entice his listeners. From there the vibes are cultivated by his catalog of diversity. The M.O.B experience includes the sounds of Pop, Rock, Soul, R&B, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Country, Top 40 & Reggae.  When asked how he would describe his sound he replied,  “I enjoy providing a fresh perspective to vintage music, giving people a new way to listen to favorites…Mixing a little old with the new. “ You can catch DJ M.O.B surfing the airwaves with the #MOBControlMixxtape on 97.7FM Saturdays 9-10pm Sundays 4-5pm. Check out my latest Q&A session with DJ M.O.B below:


  • Where did your relationship with music began?


My Relationship with music began very early. I would say between the ages of 5-7 years old. I was captivated by sounds & rhythms. I thank God for my Parents, the musical taste in our household was very eclectic! I grew up hearing everything from gospel, soul, r & b, funk, pop, jazz, country and blues. Once I discovered a stereo, turntables, speakers, records and tapes….I was mind blown. I knew early on I wanted to be involved with music in some capacity.



  • What are some of the opportunities that music has afforded you?


Music has afforded me many opportunities. Most importantly I’m blessed and thankful for being able to turn my love of music into a career as a Professional DJ… In which monetary gains, respect, and opportunities have been consistently gained for over a decade. Having opportunities to work and connect with artist and power players I grew up on such as Bun B, 8Ball & MJG, Too $hort, and J. Prince to name a few. I’ve been given the opportunity to work in various markets as well as travel. Music has allowed me to network and build relationships with many industry executives and tastemakers. Music has allowed me to build my brand nationwide.


  • Outside of Hip Hop and R&B, what genres interest you the most? Also, what alternative artist are you into?

Outside of Hip-hop/ R&B, I enjoy reggae, Afrobeat, House music, Electronic, and Jazz. The Alternative artist I like are Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Fela Kuti, Robert Glasper, Thundercat ,Tuxedo and Wizkid to name a few.


  • In my opinion, 2018 was a year driven by fame, more so than talent. In spite of the lack of passion, who would you nominate top 3 on the hip hop scale? Let’s do mainstream and underground….


I definitely agree with you on how fame driven our society has become. It’s obviously reflected in the music industry and culture today. I believe that it’s mainly because of social media, the thirst for instant gratification and people’s short attention spans. More people are drawn to things going viral these days, popularity over substance. It’s all smoke and mirrors this day and age. My Top 3 2018 Hip-Hop artist mainstream wise…. Wow it’s so many dope artist. I would have to say Anderson Paak, Travis Scott & Nipsey Hussle. Underground wise i would say, Killa Kyleon, Rapsody  & BeatKing.


  • I feel like our city is full of unrecognized talent on all levels. Which Jackson artist(s) do you have in rotation at the moment?


Our city is most definitely full of unrecognized talent. It’s so many great artist & producers coming into their own. The quality of the music has improved tremendously over the last decade. The Jackson artist that I have in rotation currently are: Lil Lonnie, Dono Vegas, Nickoe, Lil Ron, 61x (Hollywood Luck & Rashad Street), Slimm Pusha, Dear Silas , Dolla Black,Sachmoe Phlangan, Yung Jewelz, Honey Gram, Shawty O.D., MackLife, Isiah Bin Laden, Milli Montana, Ant 200, Parkway Man, Parkway Dee just to name a few. I always keep my ear to the streets!


  • Although we remain hopeful, the current state of our city’s progression suggests that we should feel otherwise. In your opinion, what are somethings that could be implemented to assist with our city’s advancement?


The things that I feel should be implemented to help our city’s advancement would be more support, not just reposting somebody’s project etc… But financial support by attending shows, purchasing projects & merchandise. Circulating our dollars amongst each other.


  • So let’s make this fun… If you could create a mega-concert for Jackson with 4 artist. Who would you choose? Remember we need a lil’ something for everybody! Lol


Wow, a Mega Concert for Jackson with only 4 Artist….That’s hard! I would have to say Hollywood Luck, Coke Bumaye, Slimm Pusha & Dear Silas.


  • Lastly, who would you consider your spirit animal?


My Spirit Animal has to be the Late Great Pimp C… Because we’re The Goats. Literally Both Capricorn… He’s 12/29/ born in the 70’s and I’m 12/30 born in the 80’s. Both Honest, intelligent, hardworking, loyal, dedicated, charismatic, strong energy, trendsetting, forward thinking, extremely talented, driven and standup people!


  • Are there any upcoming projects or events that you would like to share? 

Upcoming projects to be on the lookout for would be my #MOBControlMixxtape expanding to more markets and radio stations. I will be catering to more major events, as well as working with more artists and producers. This year will be filled with more travel and brand expansion. You can follow me on Instagram @deejaymob



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