Fashion Files: Skully GANG founder shares the compelling message behind her trending brand

A proud native of Clinton MS, Maranda “MA” Anderson is reformulating the definition of GANG through fashion. The founder of the Skully GANG brand shares in detail the experiences and devastation that lead to the birth of her fashion brand. In a detailed conversation below, MA shares insight on her brand’s focus and its origin.

Where did you find your passion for design?

I used to design t-shirts for me and my friends when I was younger when we would go out.  Anywhere from a big basketball game, a party or the club, I would design gear for us.  That may seem cliché, but we would always get great feedback from our shirts.  Even though I would only design things a few times a year, the feedback would be so positive to the point where I realized that I could really do this. That’s mainly what sparked the passion.  Back in 2011 when I lived in Meridian, MS I started a group with some friends called FHG (Fly High Gang). Occasionally, I would design shirts just for us, but it wasn’t too often nor had I began taking the craft serious.  In 2012 my close friend Johnny Neely was shot and killed due to a senseless crime. He was one of the founders of FHG. This was the first time I had lost a close friend to gun violence. I found myself very depressed after that, but I wanted to keep the “GANG” going in a way that would promote positivity and UNITY. From there the GANG brand was born.

GANG can easily be perceived as something negative or violent. Please explain the meaning behind the acronym.

GANG stands for : Grindhard and Never Giveup. Life takes us all through challenges to where we feel like giving up, but we must stay down until we come up. Hard work really does pay off…never let anyone tell you different. Also “GANG” is a form of Unity. Skully GANG is Anti-Violent brand promoting fashion and unity to ALL. I that believe together we’re better…

Who are some designers that you credit for inspiration of your collections?

I honestly don’t look to other designers for my ideas. I try to be as ORIGINAL as possible…

What can we expect to see from GANG in 2018?

Skully GANG is still working and growing. I plan to expand the brand in 2018 with different apparel and additional accessory items. My aim is to be more than just clothing. I want to grow a complete brand reaching as many audiences as possible.

Who is your spirit animal?

“Cinco” is my spirit animal, my alter ego. Highly confident individual, it’s kind of hard to tell Cinco anything. Most of the time high confidence comes off as cocky… Let’s just say Cinco isn’t too humble LOL

What is the ideal Friday night for MA The Great?

ANYTHING with my close loved ones… the gang… A lot of craziness is happening these days so I cherish all the time we spend together.

You’ve created a wave of your own in Jackson with GANG. How can you use the power of your brand to spark something positive in the city?

There are many other people in Jackson with clothing brands and their own business like myself. We all want to make it and we all can! Again, together we’re better! In Jackson, people seem to compete more than support.  There’s success in numbers, it’s fact. Unity is everything the GANG stands for. There is no need to compete, when we can all eat!

Are there any upcoming projects and events that you would like to share?

Skully GANG will be featured in a few upcoming events and fashion shows in 2018. Also, be on the lookout for the Easter pop up shop (Details Below) and GANG Giveaways.

skully 3sully 2


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