Simple yet POWERFUL: Spicy Detox Lemonade (My take on The Master Cleanse)

Please do not be fooled by this drink’s last name being “lemonade” it’s the polar opposite. Where this Spicy Detox Lemonade lacks indulgent flavor it makes up for it in Detoxifying benefits. Here’s a few of this wonder drink’s EFFECTIVE claims:

  • Helps fight Cravings- It’s no secret that lemon has appetite suppressing properties.
  • Boosts Immunity- Lemons hold a large amount of Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps immune system function.
  • Lower’s Blood pressure – Cayenne is stimulating to the circulatory system, which can assist in lowering blood pressure.
  • Promotes Healthy Skin- Lemon is one of the most utilized agents in “natural” skin care. The free radical fighting antioxidant in lemon promotes healthier, younger – looking skin.

I can appreciate each benefit for a different reason. I love the fact that this drink helps me lose weight, but I love the way that it makes me feel even more. Once my body starts to detox properly I start to see so much change. My skin is clearer, my appetite is curved, and I even sleep better. Ridding your body of harmful toxins and impurities has a refreshing effect on anyone that dares to take the process serious. I’d be dishonest to say that this process is a piece of cake. YOU WILL HAVE TO WORK FOR IT! It takes discipline above all. Especially if you’re conditioned to eating any way you desire. You will use the bathroom, FREQUENTLY. You may even begin to feel ill the first few days (this feeling normally passes within 1-3 days). Don’t freak out, your body is just spring cleaning and removing impurities. As I tell myself daily, NO PAIN… NO GAIN. Before you even start, you already know that it will be a challenge. There’s no better feeling than being able to look back at this challenge to say that you completed it with INTEGRITY. Your body will thank you.  Of course, other things will have to be altered in order to achieve the optimum benefits of this drink. Here are a few tips along with the recipe below:


  • Drink Water, Drink Water, DRINK WATER!( Headaches often indicate dehydration)
  • Eat Light/Clean! Soups, Veggies, Turkey, Chicken, and Salads. Be Sure to eat full balanced meals with MODERATE portions.  
  • NO Fried Foods
  • NO Juices/Sodas
  • Get your rest! Love on yourself and get some rest! The journey of detoxification is not only physical, but also mental and emotional. You will need sleep to replenish and refresh you during this journey.
  • Best when drank in the morning. I consume about 8 oz each time.
  • I drink this drink twice daily. Alter upon dietary concerns, needs, or goals.

*Remember: The benefits of a detoxified, pure body far outweigh any inconveniences that you might experience during the process. 

My recipe for Spicy Detox Lemonade:

In a 1 Gallon jug or container (using water of the jug or filtered water)

¼ cup organic lemon juice not from concentrate or the juice of 4 lemons *I use Santa Cruz Organic Pure Lemon Juice – I use the majority of the container, your portion is optional, but should be ¼ cups at minimum .

2 tsp. of cayenne pepper powder ( I like mine spicy so I add a few more)

3 Tbsp of authentic Maple Syrup (optional)

Remove half of the jugs water or fill the gallon jug halfway with distilled water. Squeeze the fresh lemons . Use your juicer or hand squeeze fresh, unrefrigerated lemons… Or add Organic Pure Lemon Juice.

Add the maple syrup.

Mix cayenne pepper into your drink.

Shake the mixture. Detox!

detox lemonade



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