Kingdom Music: Jo’De BOY a Revelation to Mississippi’s Hip Hop scene

Born Jodeci Mayfield, Jo’De BOY proudly takes the alternative road of Hip Hop. The Jackson, MS native shares that his impoverished background and family struggles are the source behind the positivity and empowerment that his music provides.  I’m an open book and I welcome all genres and topics. However, Religion is a topic that I normally stray away from. I believe that it’s such an intimate and precious part of life, that no one should have to debate or defend where they choose to place their faith.  On paper, I’m defined as a Christian. BUT the way the church is set up, I’d rather identify as a believer and a follower of Christ. A lover and critic of all forms of music, I’d be dishonest to not say that Christian rappers normally leave me feeling conflicted or just uninterested. With an unbiased tongue, I admit that Jo’De BOY’s music sparked an interest for me to learn more about him as an artist. In a world driven by money, sex, and more MONEY, Jo’De BOY’s stance is strongly rooted in Romans 1:16. Check out my most recent Q&A session with JoDe BOY below:

How old were you when you knew that music was a serious passion? I was in 4th grade when I wrote my first rap but I knew it was for me….I had a passion for it at the age of 14. It’s crazy because as a kid in the 4th grade I prayed to God to make me rapper that tells stories about life and I’m here today doing it …so that comes to show God answer prayers lol

What has changed about your sound and content comparing the beginning vs the present?
My sound has progressed a lot because I can say that in the past I was trying to find my sound and  myself in everything or everyone I was a fan of…but now it’s me… it’s my life. It’s my flow and  my voice. My perspective back then reflected what they wanted in their lives.  As well as a reflection of what what they wanted to earn recognition wise,  but thank God he brought me out of that .. I stand for something now I can say.

What do you think Mississippi’s music scene is missing?

To me I don’t think the Mississippi’s music scene is missing anything and I say that because everything happens for a reason… It’s only a chosen few that really have their own foundation they can stand on… In the same sentence,  I can say it’s missing a lot of leadership, humbleness, and love. If we had those things, there would  be more unity and elevation …

Who are some artists that have inspired your sound?

There are a lot of artist that have inspired me from way back to present time, but I can definitely say Tupac, Wayne,  J Cole,  and Kendrick Lamar to name a few ..

Is it difficult staying true to what you believe in working in a world saturated in temptation?

No it’s not difficult at all when you believe in yourself and your purpose in God. You don’t have to look outside to find what you need… Everything is on the inside that you need to bring impact to the outside world. Just knowing your purpose on why you’re here makes it a lot less difficult. God is the reason I’ve  humble myself …. I’m okay with being a nobody to become a somebody that will live in heaven someday.

 Name your top 3 albums of all time?

It’s soooo hard to pick  just  3 top albums of all time! Especially, out of some of my favorite artist lol so I’ll just say right now …My Point To Prove God’s Prophet and New Beginnings *laughs* I just decided to go with my latest projects

If you could have dinner with anyone, (dead or alive) who would it be?

If I could have dinner with anyone it would be my uncle that I never got a chance to meet on my father’s side.  I say that because I hear a lot about him and they say he was so dedicated and an such a hard worker.  We share similarities, but most importantly I’d love to just feel and experience his presence in my life just once.

Who are some producers you aspire to work with?

I’m inspired to work with any producer that’s willing to work with me, honestly.  I take my music and art super serious…So, I know how I can be *chuckles* so if they’re as creative and as passionate as I am… I’m down to work.   I’m grateful to work with anyone who takes their craft seriously.

 For me it’s travel and music mainly, what are your biggest sources of inspiration?

My biggest source of inspiration is energy. I get so inspired from hearing  conversations of happiness , pain , love, growth, etc. When I take myself to an empathetic place, it  inspires me greatly as well as keeps me grounded.

Do you have any projects or events that we can look forward to?

Right now I need everyone’s attention on my latest album 8 (New Beginnings) that’s Available On all digital platforms. It’s a story that explains growth as well as  identifying wrongs to find happiness.. It’s a  place where you see loving yourself as freedom within knowing your worth. So yea, check out 8 (New Beginnings) if you want to know more about Jo’De BOY



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