Ghostly encounter during my stay at the Iconic Hotel del Coronado

Late January 2018, I checked into the world famous Hotel del Coronado in San Diego California. Built in 1888 this historical landmark still attracts visitors from around the world daily. Hotel del Coronado is most famous for being the set where the film “Some Like it Hot” was recorded starring Thee, Marilyn Monroe. Of course being a SUPER fan of Marilyn Monroe since early childhood and being a proud collector of anything affiliated with her, I thought to myself… Cali + Marilyn… It doesn’t get much better than this!  I didn’t even make it to my room before the myths and ghost stories began to spill from my excited, yet slightly frightened colleagues.  It wasn’t long before the story of Kate Morgan surfaced. Kate Morgan, an attractive young woman checked into Hotel del, on November 24, 1892 under the alias, Lottie A. Benard traveling from Detroit. Five days later on November 29, Kate was found dead on an exterior staircase in the hotel leading to the beach. Kate was found with a gunshot wound to the head which would later be ruled as self-inflicted. Many doubted that the wound was self-inflicted. To this day, not very many concrete details have surfaced surrounding this case. However, the chilling discovery that the bullet in Kate’s head did not match the bullets of her own gun, gives this legend eternal life and relevancy.  My stay at Hotel del Coronado was lovely and quite peaceful, until the day of check out. By day, I work as a Branding Specialist for high end beauty brands and it is an understatement to say that each conference is a luxurious experience. Our company afforded us beautiful suites with surreal views, along with seaside breakfast and lunches each day. Our grand presentations took place inside of the acclaimed Crown Room. Appropriately named for its crown chandeliers designed and gifted by Wizard of Oz author L. Frank Baum. Baum gifted the hotel with the gorgeous chandeliers to show his gratitude for the hospitality and inspiration that the hotel provided while creating his timeless classic, “Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz”.  The regal room holds massive amounts of history. Several U.S Presidents and countless celebrities have hosted dinners and galas in the glorious Crown Room. Being the unapologetic Geek that I am, I was in awe as I listened to the events that had taken place near the very seat I was sitting in. Still in awe, I noticed that I just couldn’t take how cold it was! I walked outside to soak up the sun and even had a few cups of  warm tea, but I just could not shake the breeze. Only a few of us in the room seemed to be experiencing this chilling encounter. The chill factor increased so much to the point where I decided to just go upstairs to my room and sit with the heat on for a few. To my surprise, my room door was WIDE open when I arrived. Housekeeping had yet to reach my floor. With an open mind, I said to myself… “Maybe I didn’t shut it tightly when I left out”. By the time I joined the land of the warm blooded again, it was time to bring my bags down stairs. I started to feel a little under the weather due to the freeze frenzy that I had just encountered. So, I decided to go into the hotel’s shop to see what day time friendly meds were available.  While talking to one of my colleagues from the other side of the map, we heard loud CLASH! I turned around and to my surprise a wine bottle was splattered over the floor. I immediately apologized to the cashier impulsively thinking my bag had knocked over the bottle and assured him that I would cover the cost.  With bulging eye balls and shaking hands, my colleague interjected and said “No NO NO! It flew off the counter behind you!!!!”  So of course, I tilt my head sideways and  in true southern woman fashion and blurted out “Guh I know you lying!!”. The cashier held up his hand signaling me that there was no need cover the cost. He picked up the phone and made a quick call in a foreign language. Apparently this was not his first rodeo in ghost town. I later discovered that the staff often experiences paranormal activity as well as receiving daily reports of it. Needless to say, I immediately said a prayer of protection and fled the scene. At that moment, I didn’t feel afraid, just intrigued… Who did it? Was it Kate? Is she angry? I could’ve gone on for days with the theories!  I’m kind of a creep so I’d be lying to say that it wasn’t a bit exciting!  Will I visit Hotel Del Coronado again? Absolutely! Will I be checking in as a guest?  Ummm…. that’s to be determined.  However, if you’re in the San Diego area and you’re looking for touristy fun, please add Coronado Island to your check list. The swanky island is just minutes away from downtown San Diego and the Gaslamp District. San Diego was a whimsical and enlightening experience. Saturated in ghost tours and attractions with paranormal claims, San Diego has been ranked one of the most haunted cities in America. During your stay in San Diego, enjoy an early bite at  Breakfast Republic and  an evening snack at the delicious Donut Bar, but remember to sleep with the lights on ; )


Thanks for reading.


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