Monday Motivation From Coach Jess!

Ahhh! Good Day and Happy Monday to ya…

Today is a day of renewal and new experiences in the week ahead, full of excitement.. okay, let’s cut the crap! No one likes a Monday– but let’s get rid of that mentality (technically the week starts on Sunday, but let’s not get too biblical eh?) and power through THE DAY with positivity and productivity. So starting on a Monday, I’d love to share a bit with you about putting a little taste of SHINE back into your life.

Here’s my top tips for SHINING on Monday, Tuesday, ANYday! **by now, you know I love a good list:

  1. Wake up on the RIGHT side of the bed.

Check out this app Alarmy ($Free.99 for Android users, $1.99 for iOS) that forces you out of bed and into focus! This app is programmed so that you can’t snooze or just cut it off, it brings you into reality by literally getting you out of bed and on your feet..

  1. Start with devotion or write in your journal.

I know most of your do not want to add another task to your day, nor do you want to wake up earlier to do it.. but reading a daily devotional or writing upon waking enables the cogs and wheels in the brain to start cranking. Some journal about their dreams, while others look for inspirational and biblical devotion to fuel their day. Personally, this “pre-game” time makes me less cranky for morning encounters.

  1. Put on your favorite tunes.

I swear by music.. it’s a must to have a playlist when I am doing hair, sewing, driving, rushing out the door, homework (didn’t notice that I said rushing in the morning, didya?). It is the theme to a majority of my day, making it a necessity in the morning to shake off the grogs and get moving. Not only is it invigorating, it helps me to time activities. One song usually equals about 3-4 minutes, so showering is a 3 song maximum..  DISCLAIMER: singing in the shower is fun until you are about 5 songs in and realize that you’re gonna be late because you have yet to do your hair or eat.

Welp, there you have it. I hope that my tips are helpful on your quest to better Mondays..

-catch you later, COACH



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