The Vending Machine Business: You get out what you put in…

One of the most profitable industries in America right now, says, is the vending machine biz. Business owners are getting more creative in diversifying revenue streams by stocking vending machines with the unthinkable – Cupcakes, Human hair bundles, BeansPeasPotatoesGreens.. YOU NAAAME IT!

The ease and availability that comes along with using vending machines is what appeals to entrepreneurs in those businesses. Vending onsite at places, such as a shopping mall, also increases the owner’s opportunity in closing the gap to complete the sale. Instant gratification is where ecommerce falls short of in terms of delivery.

But, scared money don’t make no money. You get out what you put in!

Let’s take the vending machine full of beautifully decorated, delicious cupcakes for example (btw, how the heck do they do it?). You get something even more valuable to you in exchange for an earnest offering. Or the mobile hair store situation. Your traditional break room snack machine. In goes your money, and out comes a prize worth the nominal fee. That’s a bit unrelated.. but overall, you’re going to have to spend $ to make $$$.

For example, you’ve already started your business, but you are struggling to see your hard work=MONEY. Either you are unaware of the professionals that are available to assist. Or you are refusing to put up the coins because you assume that you can keep business moving based on the “no-frill, less-dollar bill” method that you started with. In order for your business to flourish at its full potential, you are going to need help. You should not go at this alone, nor can you afford to. LITERALLY. And most of the time, you are going to have to pay folks to get the help you need.

-Coach Jess



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