Culinary Meets Chic Hospitality: A Conversation with Chef Po

Lashante “Chef Po” Cox is no stranger to variety in cuisine. Offering variations of everything from vegetarian dishes to soul food classics, Chef Po is one of Mississippi’s hidden jewels. With a kind spirit and exquisite skill, Chef Po’s Catering and personal Chef service is innovating high end cuisine in the Metro Jackson area. She is the mother of one handsome son and credits her family for her head start in the kitchen. Check out my conversation with Chef Po below:

Where do you find inspiration for your decedent creations and what are some of your favorite dishes to make?

My inspiration comes from the people I’m serving. Family members or my own joys and pains. I put all that in the kitchen and it lands on a plate. My food makes you forget about your problems or whatever….it’s embedded in love and you can feel it. My favorite dishes to make are Fried chicken, any seafood dish especially my gumbo and Mac n cheese which is the best on this side of heaven. Lol Southern dishes…

Tell us where your love for cooking began.

My love for cooking begin at an early age, probably around 13. I always watched my mom, grandma and my late great grandmother cook…. They inspired me to cook and make others feel happy through great food.

What sets you apart from other Chefs? Share the uniqueness of your brand.

Chef Po is a brand all by itself, what sets me part is how creative and festive I get with my food. Also how many different cultures I put in my food. I’m Not one dimensional but can tackle anything. Also, I put love and soul I put in each dish. “Love the people, Cook them Great Food”

Is there anything that you personally don’t like cooking?

There isn’t anything I wouldn’t try to cook at least one or don’t like cooking.

What are 2 tools you can’t live without?

Two tools I can’t live without is my strainer and my small cutting knife. I would be lost without those two.

What kind of cuisine is Jackson, MS missing?

Jackson MS is missing a strong vegan option (vegan food that’s relatable)

I’ve awarded you with 3 million dollars, what’s the first chain restaurant you would open in MS?

I don’t know what the chain restaurant I would bring to MS would be, but 3 million would be a good start to start my restaurant and my culinary school I eventually want to open.

If you could cook alongside anyone, who would it be?

If I could cook beside anybody it would be some on the chefs in Jackson, Like Lee Vance (Josephine Kitchen) the chefs at Red Zone Grill, Nick Wallace. Chef Juanita Smith (Texas) thedopestchef (ATL)

Who is your spirit animal?

My spirit animal is the Cat.

Do you have any projects that you would like to share?

Upcoming project for me is, I will be serving on the board of (Career Development Center Culinary program) to help assist the students with their needs and some instructional time. Also be on the look out for my cookbook coming Fall 2018. Thanks for the opportunity to share my story. -Chef Po

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