Basic but BOMB: Sirloin Chopped Steak

I love a meal that is simple and fast yet full of flavor and quality. My Sirloin chopped steak is definitely a quick southern favorite that I’m sure you will enjoy. I travel often, and when I return to Mississippi, soul food is normally the first thing on my to do list. Though I rarely cook soul food when I’m home, something about being away sparks the craving of the comfort it provides. I normally pair this dish with freshly whipped potatoes, fresh seared green beans, and cornbread pancakes (If I can afford any additional calories at the time lol) Something about this meal just reminds me of good memories and good laughs. Check out the recipe below:

Sirloin Chopped Steak

Ground sirloin (Ground turkey/chicken can be used a substitute)
Fresh Pepper and onion blend ( Per preference, I like to use a blend of all colors)
French onion soup mix 
1/3 cup of Flour
Seasons of choice
Cooking spray
1 cup of water/reduced sodium beef broth

Form patties with ground sirloin, worstershire and lightly season with spices of choice. (Avoid salt and seasoning with salt or use mildly  because the soup mix contains a fair amount of salt)
Pan fry as Desired and remove from pan.
Using drippings and a dash of cooking spray, sauté onions and peppers.
Remove from heat and allow to cool.
Once cooled add soup mix, flour and water.
Stir thoroughly and bring to a small boil.
Reduce heat and allow to simmer.
Stir occasionally as gravy thickens.

*Tips: In my opinion, this dish is most pleasurable when cooked medium well. Also, be sure to cook the flour and onion well to achieve maximum flavor and smoothness in the gravy. If the gravy thickens too much for your liking, simply add a splash of water/ beef broth and stir thoroughly. 

Quick and easy…Bon Appetite!💋

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