Curvaceous Innovations…

Multifaceted MUA Alfrenette Chambers hails directly from the heart of Jackson, MS.  Although a psychology major, Alfrenette’s love for the arts repeatedly presents her with opportunities. In 2011, Alfrenette decided to continue to pursue her passion for the arts. She founded Touch of Colour: FreeLance Makeup Artistry. There, she would have the opportunity to assist in enhancing natural beauty. She knew then that she wanted to spread her gift to empower others, thus the creation of Curvaceous Conversations, LLC. in 2016. Curvaceous Conversations is the birth of a plus sized sisterhood, giving women a voice that’s often silenced because they feel their bodies are frowned upon. When asked  what inspired her to spark such a movement, Nette quoted; “Right now, at this very moment, there are women that need to be empowered & inspired; women that are told by this society that their curves are uncharted territory, not good enough to display the beauty of the more voluptuous body to the world. That’s unfair. The convo is needed to tell women that it’s ok to love who they are NOW and if change is wanted/needed, we’re here to help you, and  continue loving on you through that change.” With Curvaceous Conversations, Alfrenette has had the opportunity to speak on several panels, be featured as a guest speaker, as well as featured on television broadcast and Podcasts of all sorts. In addition, Alfrenette offers services for Style consultations under her personal brand, AJenayConsulting. Nette currently acts as Brand Ambassador and Account Representative for FabUPlus, the world’s only body positive magazine. FabUplus also resides in the category of  Top Plus Size magazines.  It’s safe to say that Nette is easily listed amongst “Those to watch”. Early October, I was able to have tea and Girl Talk with Nette. Check out our conversation below:

  •         Explain to us what Curvaceous Conversations is?

Curvaceous Conversations, LLC. is the birth of a plus sized sisterhood, giving voice to those often silenced because their curves are frowned upon. We are a safe haven to those that feel or have been told that their bodies are uncharted territories because of society’s perception of beauty. We’re here to empower,

Inspire, motivate, & encourage women to become the best versions of themselves.

  •       What inspired you to create this organization?

-my experience as a plus size woman. I’ve always been plus size & I remember in high school/college dealing with the cruelty of society & my insecurities by making sure I made others feel as miserable as I did. I was a meannnn girl. Tsk, tsk. But deep down inside, I knew that mean girl wasn’t who I was or wanted to be. I knew God had purposed me to be great but I couldn’t be great being someone that purposely tore people down. Eventually, he allowed me to see me for me & things started changing. I then wanted to become that light that I needed while I was in that dark space. I wanted to turn my insecurities, my pain, my darkness into a testimony, inspiration, LIGHT.

  •         You are a woman of many talents, what are some of the services you offer?

-Yes! Besides Curvaceous Conversations, I decided to consolidate my talents/gifts & place them under one umbrella. Lol. I called that umbrella, AJenayConsulting. The services that are offered under that title are, Makeup Consultant (Touch of Colour Artistry), Plus size Style Consultant, Confidence Coach & Empowerment Rhetorician (meaning I’m available for panels, engagements, programs.. etc..)

  •         What would you name your greatest strength?

-hmm, my greatest strength would be my ability to look at the glass half full at ALL times. You’d rarely catch me being negative or giving myself/others negative feedback. Even when I have down moments, immediately I snap out of it. Staying positive in a world full of hatred & negativity, a strength indeed!

  •         Who did you consider role models growing up?

Definitely my sister & my mother!

My mother was an independent single mother of two. She raised two successful college graduates right out of the heart of West Jackson. By Herself.

Man, listen! Lol. I’ve never seen struggle look SO good.

& my sister is just a beast ALL around. She’s amazing at everything she does. She executes everything & anything with the spirit of grace & humility.

I love those two!

  •         Who is your spirit animal?

Jill FREAKIN Scott.

Hands down. Self-explanatory. Go listen to her. Watch her. Study her.

You’d see why, lol

  •         What advice would you give a young lady struggling with self-esteem issues?

Man, one thing I always tell every woman I encounter is that “there’s greatness inside of you”. Inside of each of us is our GREATER screaming, ready to come out! Yet, we hide it and suppress it because of fear. We’re always afraid of being GREAT because of what we think people will say. Crazy thing is, people will TALK regardless. Why not give them something GOOD to talk about!? Be GREAT. Please. Don’t limit yourself or water yourself down because of someone else’s insecurities. You HAVE the power to be THAT person you’ve longed to be.. what’s stopping you!?

  •         What’s that one song that gives you motivation that you need when you’re losing momentum? 

-The Watching. LIVE (Vashawn Mitchell)

The song simply says “So, I won’t worry about what tomorrow may bring, because I know I have a God that’s watching over little ol’ me)

Why worry about tomorrow when I KNOW God is in control? & if this is the GOD that supersedes ever situation, rejection, NO, person, place, or thing.. why worry? nette


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