kNOw Action. kNOw Success.

push Pep Talks from Coach Jess…..

Challenging prohibiting thoughts, one step at a time.

So, I feel it’s appropriate that my first post to you guys is about how to break down the barriers of procrastination.. fear.. anxiety.. pretty much anything that brings about the demise of your SUCCESS. Here are four steps that I have adopted over this past year that have helped me to overcome my fears and to go after personal and professional goals:

  1. Plot for success.


Yes, I want you to go all “Pinky and the Brain” and devise a plot to take over the world.. wait, not really. But you definitely should use a resource or tool, such as a task list, vision board, napkin, or whatever it takes for you to map out your plan. These things come in handy because they force you to strategize pathways to reach your desired outcomes.

Write it down on real paper with a real pencil. And watch shit get real. – Erykah Badu


  1. Understand that things won’t happen overnight.


Ahh.. this is a tough one to do, especially since we seek instant gratification as a society. I’m not saying come up with a plan and then sit on it, but know that sometimes it may not come to fruition within one month or even one year! You have got to be okay with that, because timing is of the essence. Come up with measurable cues that keep you on task so that the goal is completed in a realistic timeframe. For example, setting a weekly goal to engage with your clients or consumers on Facebook will build a loyal following. And then, like Nike..


Just Do It.

  1. Sharpen your tools.

Alright, so now that you have your plan, let’s identify what it is that you need to build up within yourself to attack your goals. That’s right, let’s ATTACK goals because we are plot-creating, task-listing, goal smashers! Now where did I put my hammer??


Seriously. We have to be diligent in our approach in order to reach those goals. Say your goal is to finish your master’s degree (I FINALLY graduated, woot woot) and you’re just 3 classes short of being finished, but you’ve run out of steam! STOP what you are doing. Use the first two tips in which you plan for a successful finish and then realize all of the benefits you stand to reap once completed.


Now that you are back on track and pulled your pants back up from around your ankles, your next step is to sharpen your tool (i.e. focus your mind) to finish the race strong. Have a fun weekend with friends, go and get your nails done, or eat at your favorite restaurant. Whatever it takes for you to refill your depleted resource…


DIDN’T YOU KNOW that overexerting yourself in the name of completing a task just to complete the task can do more harm than good?


  1. Have courage… now go get it!


YASSSS! You’re cooking with grease now. You couldn’t possibly go into “battle” without your battle plan, mind, and tools on the ready. However, what’s most crucial than those three things being ready, is putting your HEART in it.


No battle plan? You won’t have direction.

Unrealistic timing? You set yourself up for failure.

Not sharpening your tools? You will quickly tire under exertion.

Lacking passion? Your fears will destroy all of your efforts.

We’re not only gonna pray until something happens, because we’re gonna pair effort with our prayers when hitting the field!


-catch you later, COACH


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